Fifth Class

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How to create a circuit board…      Making a periscope….      Light up the Lighthouse ……20160301_114942 20160301_114946(0) 20160301_115052 20160301_115145 20160301_115429 20160301_122301 (1) 20160301_122301 20160301_130620 20160301_130720 20160301_130726 20160301_135729

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I-Pad Presentation of companies

Mini Men Soccer Productions

Swift Car Self Drive

Tic Toc Clocks For Kids

Bendable Flexible I-Pads
DSCF9141 DSCF9142 DSCF9143 DSCF9144 DSCF9145 DSCF9146 DSCF9147 DSCF9148 DSCF9149 DSCF9150 DSCF9151 DSCF9152 DSCF9153 DSCF9154 DSCF9155

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Sports day is one of the most anticipated days of the school year and this year was no exception! We had a fantastic day where all the pupils participated in a variety of races, including space hopper races, bean bag races, wheelbarrow races, spoon and potato races etc. We also had races for all the mothers, fathers, grandparents and toddlers too! One of the highlights of this special day is of course the soccer match between sixth class and the teachers. The teachers got off to a flying start this year as they scored the first goal but the sixth class pupils weren’t long making a terrific comeback, making the final score 3-1 to sixth class. This was an extremely enjoyable event in the school and we would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all the parents and relatives who kept the enthusiasm going for the whole day as they cheered and supported everybody throughout the different sporting events. Below are some pictures of our fun sports day.

DSCN2681DSCN2683 DSCN2685 DSCN2687 DSCN2689 DSCN2690DSCN2692 DSCN2694 DSCN2695 DSCN2704 DSCN2708 DSCN2709 DSCN2713DSCN2715 DSCN2717 DSCN2720 DSCN2724 DSCN2725 DSCN2727 DSCN2728 DSCN2729DSCN2732 DSCN2735 DSCN2736 DSCN2737 DSCN2738 DSCN2739 DSCN2741 DSCN2742 DSCN2743 DSCN2744 DSCN2745 DSCN2746 DSCN2747 DSCN2748 DSCN2749 DSCN2750 DSCN2751 DSCN2752 DSCN2753 DSCN2754DSCN2755 DSCN2756 DSCN2757 DSCN2758 DSCN2759 DSCN2760 DSCN2761 DSCN2762 DSCN2763 DSCN2764 DSCN2765 DSCN2766 DSCN2767 DSCN2768DSCN2770 DSCN2771 DSCN2772 DSCN2773 DSCN2775 DSCN2776 DSCN2777 DSCN2778 DSCN2779 DSCN2780 DSCN2781 DSCN2782 DSCN2784 DSCN2785 DSCN2786 DSCN2787 DSCN2788 DSCN2789 DSCN2791 DSCN2793 DSCN2794 DSCN2796 DSCN2797 DSCN2798 DSCN2799DSCN2800 DSCN2801 DSCN2802 DSCN2803 DSCN2804 DSCN2805 DSCN2807 DSCN2808 DSCN2809 DSCN2810 DSCN2811 DSCN2812 DSCN2814 DSCN2816 DSCN2817 DSCN2819 DSCN2821 DSCN2822 DSCN2823 DSCN2824 DSCN2825 DSCN2826 DSCN2827 DSCN2828 DSCN2829 DSCN2830 DSCN2831 DSCN2832 DSCN2834 DSCN2835 DSCN2836 DSCN2837 DSCN2838 DSCN2839 DSCN2840 DSCN2841 DSCN2842 DSCN2843 DSCN2844DSCN2845 DSCN2846 DSCN2848 DSCN2849 DSCN2852 DSCN2853 DSCN2854 DSCN2855 DSCN2856 DSCN2857 DSCN2858 DSCN2859 DSCN2860 DSCN2861 DSCN2862 DSCN2867 DSCN2869 DSCN2870 DSCN2874 DSCN2878 DSCN2879DSCN2884DSCN2885DSCN2892DSCN2893DSCN2897

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On Tuesday the 28th of April we had our Science Day in Scoil Inse Rátha. The function of this day was to develop a knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas. Classes 4th, 5th and 6th set up science displays and experiments in their own classrooms and they invited all the other classes in the school to observe and ask questions about the displays and the experiments. Pupils were also invited to take part in some of the experiments.  This was an extremely enjoyable day for all the pupils and teachers. Below are some pictures of our exciting Science Day!


Fourth Class Displays/ Experiments:

1. Circuits and Electricity











































2. Wind Turbines

DSCN2311DSCF7062DSCF7070 DSCF7085 DSCF7145 DSCN2445











































3. Growing Herbs 












































4. Inflating Balloons










































5. Forces- Milk 

DSCF7106 DSCF7065 DSCF7140 DSCF7142 DSCF7141 DSCF7448








































6. The Drinking Bird

DSCF7030 DSCF7110 DSCF7450























Fifth Class Displays/ Experiments

1. Mirror Writing






























2. How much air is in your lungs?

DSCF7034 DSCF7040 DSCF7086 DSCF7099 DSCF7441 DSCF7464








































3. Rocket Launch





























4. The ‘Test Yourself Quiz’












































5. Magnetic Car Race

DSCF7039 DSCF7154 DSCN2289 DSCF7462 DSCF7137


































Sixth Class Displays/ Experiments 

1. Test your sense of touch




























2. Oobleck- is it liquid or solid?

DSCF7049 DSCF7115 DSCF7168 DSCF7176 DSCF7481 DSCF7054








































3. Paper Aeroplanes

DSCF7056 DSCF7058 DSCF7170 DSCF7193 DSCF7478 DSCF7205









































4. Test your sense of smell

DSCF7174 DSCF7117 DSCF7118 DSCF7211




























5. Lava Lamps

DSCF7180 DSCF7179 DSCF7166 DSCF7198



Today the 4th ,5th and 6th class children hosted Science Day 2015 in their classrooms.  The Junior Infants had the opportunity to try the experiments.  Here are some lovely photos of the Junior Infants interacting with the other children.

DSCN2288 DSCN2289 DSCN2290 DSCN2291 DSCN2292 DSCN2293 DSCN2294 DSCN2295 DSCN2297 DSCN2298 DSCN2299 DSCN2300 DSCN2301 DSCN2303 DSCN2304 DSCN2305 DSCN2307 DSCN2308 DSCN2309 DSCN2310 DSCN2311 DSCN2312 DSCN2315 DSCN2316 DSCN2317 DSCN2318 DSCN2321 DSCN2322 DSCN2323 DSCN2325 DSCN2326