On Wednesday the 26th of November the girls went to a mini 7’s competition in Carrignavar. We went on the bus. The journey was about 30 minutes long. When we got there we went into the dressing rooms and waited for the other teams to arrive. Our first match was against Brooklodge which we won by a lot. Then we had some lunch while we waited to play the next team. Our next match was against Carrignavar. We felt we at quite a disadvantage playing the home team but we played marvellously and only let in a point due to Grainne’s brilliant saves. We played really well and won the game. We then found out that we had gotten to the final and we were delighted. We found out that we were playing Glounthaune. We knew this game would be tough but we still tried our best. It was hard knowing that Glounthaune had won a Sciath Na Scoil final only a couple of weeks ago. There were lots of goals and points scored and the margin wasn’t big between us. Unfortunately in the end we lost but really enjoyed the game. At the end we took a picture together. We all went back on the bus really happy. When we got back our teacher gave us Jaffa cakes. We wish Glounthaune luck in their final and hope they win. We really enjoyed playing and definitely would do it again.
Rachel K


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