On the first of December our class went on a trip up the road to Cork Golf Club. We were greeted at the gate by Matt, Fergal, Catherine and Robin. The tour of the golf club was started by visiting the church across the road there we visited Arthur Crawford’s and David Brown’s graves who were very important to the golf club. Then we went on to the golf club. The first thing we were shown was the board with president’s and captains of the club from the years past. Out through the windows you could see the immaculately kept golf course and a few golfers playing. Down the halls there were picture’s hung of different golfers playing the sport in CGC. There were trophy case’s full of all different trophy’s from all different competitions. We progressed on to the bar where there was even more pictures of golfers covering the wall’s, we saw a picture of a familiar face it was Clare Coughlan. As a fantastic end to a great tour, we got to sit down in the member’s only room and we all got sweet’s and drinks and headed back to school.


By Jake Shaw


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