A few weeks ago it was Maths Week so our class decided to do some special things for it.To kick off Maths Week our class did some beautiful tessellation art.There were different kinds of shapes such as triangles,hexagons,rectangles,squares and much much more.We also did some crack the codes.We all made up different codes and put a few numbers and symbols up to act as the letters.After we had made our codes we started giving them to other people to see if they could crack our codes.Here are a few examples of the codes I cracked. ‘I love beans on toast’,’Minecraft’ and ‘Hello how are you today?’.A day after that we got to do an exciting game.It was called Percentages Follow Me Game.In that game we called out answers to people’s sums and after that we had to call out our sums.The next morning we got to do something really fun.We got a piece of string and a few maths questions to answer.You had to measure the line and stick it to two chairs and then you had to answer all of the questions and stick it to the line on the chairs.So this was a really fun week and I’m glad I was there to enjoy it all.


By Josh Daniels.


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