Well done to the boys and girls in 6th class who made their Confirmation.

My Confirmation Day.

By Erica Aigbologa.

My Confirmation day took place on the 21st of April. It was a great day to look forward to. When the big day finally came we I so nervous and excited. All of us wore a cream robe with a dark red tassel. Our opening song was ‘Happy in the Presence of the Lord’. Everybody sang brilliantly.  When going up to be confirmed with the chrism oil, the bishop would say a few words and we answered politely, remembering to thank him. When mass ended most of us stayed for a picture I also did. After I had my picture taken, I got in the car and went to my nans for something to eat. Soon after that I went to town with my sister to spend my money. I got some nice clothes and jewelry then I went to get my phone and something to eat.confirmation day 2 confirmation day