First class were given the wonderful opportunity of performing a slightly changed song called “A Hard Knock Life” from the musical Annie. This obviously, was changed to fit in with our musical, namely, “Cinderella Spinderella”. The children started work on this song before the mid – term break in February. Learning off the lyrics at home and in school (Thanks to all the parents for the great help, much appreciated). Then we had the task of putting a dance to this piece of music. The children worked hard on perfecting this dance most days and great credit must be given to the work they put into it.


The big week then arrived and we got our costumes organised for the big performances. We got our chance to practice on the big stage during the rehearsals and we really enjoyed this as it was a break from the wonderful school work we are doing with Mr. Aherne. Here are just a few pictures of the two days of rehearsals we put in. Enjoy!