This week is Maths Week so the Junior Infants took a trip around the school to find shapes and numbers.  Can you figure out where you might see these shapes and numbers in the school?


Taylan found a circle!


These boys found numbers! Good Job!


Do you recognise this object?


These two boys found signs on the wall in the shape of rectangles.


Can you guess what shape Emma found?


Look what Josh found, a circle!!


Well done Alisa!


Peace found a number! Well done!


Where would you see these numbers?


You can find this sign on the door of the Junior Infant classroom.

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Even when we came back into the classroom for lunch the children were still on the look out for shapes. Have a look!


Emma’s cheese is in the shape of a rectangle! Well spotted Emma!


Igor also has cheese but it is in a circular shape!
















Along the way the children also compared different objects using language such as longest, shortest, widest. Last week in Maths the children were comparing objects that are longer , wider and so on.  In partners, the children built two towers, one tall and the other taller.  They worked really well together! Here are some examples of the towers.


We also read the story of the Three Bears to find out if Goldilocks found the right chair. The biggest chair was too big, the smallest chair was too small but the middle chair was just right!!!!

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