During the month of November we,  in Junior Infants, have been reading and studying different stories and rhymes. One of our favourites has been “The Gingerbread Man”. So in his honour, we decided to make our very own Gingerbread Men in class.

We were very busy! Just like the old lady in the story, we mixed the butter and the sugar, we added some eggs, and then flour and spices to make a dough.

Then we rolled out and cut our own men, and used currants to give them eyes. We then baked them in our mini classroom ovens. We then closed the doors in the classroom, to make sure that when we took our delicious men out of the oven they could not run away!

We used icing to put mouths and buttons on our Gingerbread Men, and then…well, then just like the fox in the story we gobbled them right up! And they were delicious!