Before mid term break, Junior Infants read the book “I will never ever not eat a Tomato”. In the story, a little girl called Lola decides she does not like carrots, or peas, or potatoes or broccoli or cauliflower, or bananas – and she especially dislikes tomatoes.

We thought Lola was being really silly, because of course we all know that these foods are very good for us. However, after a discussion in class, we discovered that some of the students in our class had never eaten certain fruits or vegetables because of their colour or because they look funny. So we all made a very special healthy eating promise – pledging that over the midterm break everyone in our class would eat at least 5 different types of fruit or vegetables.

Here we are with our special tomatoes which will hang in our kitchens to remind us of our healthy eating promise. We are going to write down the names of all of the new fruit and vegetables that we eat and we will carefully keep these records in a special pocket that we made in our tomatoes!