We have turned into food scientists in Junior Infants, for as part of our February theme of Food, we have used some scientific experiments to make different types of food.

In science we examined the concept of liquids and solids. We examined different types of both liquids and solids, and then we discussed the fact that sometimes it is possible to turn a liquid into a solid.

To see this scientific principle in action, we made our own butter! We simply took some cream (which we tested to ensure this was indeed a liquid). We poured it into a jar, and then everyone in the class took turns to shake the jar as hard as possible. After a little while we noticed that the material in the jar was changing form and colour, it was in fact turning into butter!

Our butter was so delicious that we all had to taste it, and we even invited Mr Rea to come to our class to sample some of our produce.

Then a few days later we thought, well if it is possible to change a liquid to a solid, then maybe it is also possible to change a solid into a liquid. This time we took our favourite food –
chocolate and we discovered that by applying heat to chocolate you can indeed turn it into a liquid. We used our chocolate liquid to make Rice Krispie cakes, and we were amazed to discover that when the liquid chocolate went cold, that the  chocolate turn back into a solid.

We celebrated all of our hard scientific work by eating the product of our experiments!