Australia Day is celebrated every year on January 26th so we, in Third Class, decided to celebrate it too!!  We first read all about the Land Down Under as a class and then split up into 4 groups to move in stations around the classroom.

At Station 1 we had to sketch native animals of Australia including the koala, platypus and kangaroo.  At Station 2, we looked up Australia in our atlases and had to match up the main towns and cities to a blank map.  At Station 3, we learned new facts about the area of Australasia and the native people of Australia who are called the Aboriginal people.  And at Station 4, we had fun completing a word search using some of the new words we learned.

Did you know that in Australia they say “g’day” instead of “hello”, “this arvo” instead of “this afternoon” and “barbie” instead of “barbeque”…!!!

Everyone had a great time learning about Oz and we would all love to visit this great country one day….!!

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