On the 11th of February we had our COW launch. It was a hugely successful day with 137 pupils travelling to school using either a bike/ scooter/ flicker or roller blades. All the pupils (and some of the staff members!) dressed up in black and white clothes for this special event. To celebrate the special day,  all the pupils who brought in one of the above modes of transport were then invited to take part in either the ‘Bike Rodeo’ workshop (where they practiced some cycling techniques) or the ‘Bling you Bike/Scooter’ workshop (where the pupils made licence plates and decorated the spokes of their wheels). In order to congratulate all the pupils for their tremendous effort, they received homework off and they each got a special item to take home e.g. a COW day balloon, a hi-vis jacket, a wrist band or a car sticker. A huge thank you to all who helped prepare for the special event and also to all the parents/guardians who encouraged their children to cycle/ scoot or roller blade to school. We hope everyone enjoyed the day and that we will continue to see our pupils (and some parents!) cycling and scooting to school. Below are some pictures of the busy and fun day we had in Scoil Inse Rátha!







CIMG3724 CIMG3727 CIMG3728 CIMG3729 CIMG3732 CIMG3734 CIMG3735 CIMG3737 CIMG3739 CIMG3741 CIMG3742 CIMG3743 CIMG3745 CIMG3746 CIMG3747 CIMG3749 CIMG3750 CIMG3751 CIMG3752 CIMG3753 DSCF7005 DSCF7007 DSCF7010












































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