3…..2…..1….. Blast Off!!!!!!!!

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We learned all about space in first class and how we as humans get there.


We designed our own rockets in art class and we think they look great.It’s so easy to make things come to life if you

Rocket Launch!!! just use your imagination.

Rocket Launch

We also did an experiment where we made our very own rockets.What you need is:-

1. An empty camera film container. (these can be got in most photo stores)

2. One Alka – Seltzer tablet.

3. Blu -Tack.

4. Water.


1. Open the container.

2. Put a ball of blu tack on the lid of the container. (Not too much, just enough that the tablet will stick too).

3. Stick the Alka – Seltzer tablet onto the blutack. (Don’t press too hard as this may break the tablet.) also make sure the tablet doesn’t stop you from closing the container fully.

4. Quarter fill the container with water.

5. Close the lid onto the container, shake and place on the ground.

6. Step away and wait!!!


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