World Action Day- 7th November

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To celebrate World Action Day, all the children in second class and the green school committee went to Inchera Strand in Little Island. We had a fantastic day! Although we had prepared ourselves for the cold weather by wearing coats, hats, scarves and gloves, it was a beautiful day.  Once the pupils reached the strand, they worked in pairs and in groups to help pick up some of the litter. For this activity, the pupils had litter pickers, disposable gloves and bin bags. From this walk, we made the pupils aware of the importance of keeping our local water bodies clean. We also informed the children of  facts about litter in the water. All the children were astonished to find out that it takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to distintergrate in the water! This was an extremely enjoyable day and we cannot wait for our next action day, when we hope to visit a water treatment plant in our locality.

Click the following link to see our account of this day on the geen schools website: 



































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