Springtime Flowers and Trees

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It’s Spring – and in Junior Infants we have been so busy studying how different trees, plants and animals grow and change in Springtime.

We planted seeds in plant pots and monitored them as they grew into young plants. It took a little be of time, some sunshine and regular watering, but we were very excited when we saw the shoots pushing through the earth in our flowerpots. We took these plants home to grow in our gardens, and in the summer we will have lovely red and yellow nasturtiums. Then we decided we would make, instead of grow, our very own flowers (this way we did not have to wait as long to enjoy our beautiful flowers!) We cut and tore different shapes to make the stems and petals and then rolled crepe paper to make the seeds for the centre of our flowers. We then compared the flowers we had made to the flowers we grew, and agreed that they were both equally beautiful.

We have also been monitoring the trees in the school garden to learn how they change over Spring. We loved the blossoms on the trees so much that we decided to make our own trees complete with special popcorn blossoms! They looked (almost!) good enough to eat.

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