Splash & Dash Art (4th)

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With the beginning of a new year fourth class recently examined a new form of artwork and painting. We looked at the unique artwork of Jackson Pollack who was unlike most other painters or artists. Instead of carefully placing brush strokes on canvas he poured and splashed large amounts of paint over huge canvas sheets in a free and relaxed way. His aim was to give the impression of movement in his artwork.

Having looked at some of his creations fourth class were eager to try this  free and relaxed approach to art.  The different groups began by selecting their various colour schemes to splash onto their white sheets of paper. Each sheet of paper also contained a paper border to be removed at a later stage. Using our paintbrushes we splashed, dripped and mostly flicked paint onto the page by flicking the bristles with our fingers. This proved to be great fun as it was very much a hands on and open approach to art. Once the paint was dry we removed the paper border to reveal a framed effect around our colourful creations.

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