Art – Pups on Parade!

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Our recent art project; ‘Pups on Parade’ focused on the creation of a Labrador pup using some fabric and fibre materials.

Initially a template for the pup’s outline was designed on a blank A4 page before it was then cut out and transferred to a sheet of A4 black card.

 Once positioned on the black card the outline of the dog was carefully drawn using a pencil. This provided the guidance for applying unravelled strands of twine to the black card using PVA glue.

The following stage of the creation employed some careful and strategic application of the unravelled strands of twine to form the body and legs of the pup. The twine was used to replicate the sandy coloured coat of a Labrador pup.

Once the twine was applied we drew the head of the dog using chalk and applied an eye to add to the character to the creation. The final stage was to apply a cut piece of red fabric as the dog’s collar.


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