4th and 5th class dioramas

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4th  and some of 5th class made dioramas in Art this week. Have a look and see what you think…DSCN1547 DSCN1548 DSCN1549 DSCN1550 DSCN1551 DSCN1552 DSCN1553 DSCN1554 DSCN1555 DSCN1556 DSCN1557 DSCN1558 DSCN1559 DSCN1560 DSCN1561 DSCN1562 DSCN1564 DSCN1565 DSCN1566 DSCN1567 DSCN1568 DSCN1570 DSCN1614 DSCN1615 DSCN1616 DSCN1617 DSCN1618 DSCN1619 DSCN1620 DSCN1621 DSCN1622 DSCN1623 DSCN1624 DSCN1625 DSCN1626 DSCN1627 DSCN1628 DSCN1629 DSCN1630

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  1. hello guys remember me jason

  2. i hope your having a nice time

  3. andrea and annabelle are also missing you guys

  4. i hope you guys enjoyed the things you did lately

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