3rd Class School Tour.

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Our School Tour

by Aaron McGuirk

Our class went to the Glen Resource Centre. We were put into two teams, team a and team b. Everyone wanted the back seats in the bus so our teacher picked six numbers between one and ten and each of us picked a number. There was six back seats altogether on the two buses and there was six winners, three on team A and three on team B. The three winners on my team were Max, Antosh and Weronika. When we got to the bus, I sat on the window side seat behind our S.N.A Louise, next to Craig. The people on the bus as well as me, sang songs some of us learned in cubs, such as The Boogaloo, There are no bananas in the sky, Joe and singing in the rain. It wasn’t a long journey and I passed my granddad’s house on the bus. We were there in no time at all. First, our guide for the day showed us to our cabin where we were to put our bags. I could remember the Glen perfectly from last year in August when I went there for a summer camp. A line of harnesses and helmets lay in wait for us so we could do the first three challenges, the zip line, the crate stack and the traversing. My first thing to do was to hold a rope to hoist people up onto the crates that were being added. After I did that 2 times I finally got my go on the crates which was the first bit of fun. Shortly after that I did the traversing though I didn’t get to the top. Next we played two versions of Dodgeball, normal dodgeball and Doctor dodge ball. My team won 3-2. We then played a game called Over the River. There was two boards and two teams. You had to get across a small football pitch on a small board. There was ten on each team. Once 2 rounds were done I was starving from my big morning so we had lunch next. Lunch was pretty much the second longest thing we did that day but still the longest was probably the traversing. After lunch we played soccer. The teams were the two teams we had for the day, Team A and Team B. I was on Team A with most of my friends. We lost to Team B with the score standing 1-0. After that, it was time for our last two challenges of the long day. The Gladiator challenge and the Zorb balls. My team did gladiator first and it was the other side of the traversing. There was a sort of ladder, then a green net made of rope and then four black tyres and then you were at the top. I was not used to this and I had a big fear of heights. So I didn’t get too high. Now it was time to take off our harnesses and helmets. We next did the scariest thing of the day. The Zorb balls. On my way I kept on saying to myself (should I do this, should I do this?) I did it but I was right about it being scary. Before I got my turn with my partner, Craig, It started to drizzle. Then rain. Then lash. Then lash as if there was storm coming. We had to get shelter under this kind of white greenhouse with plants in it. The line was short but the wait was long, really long. When we got our turn I hopped into the Zorb ball and tied on my waist strap and my ankle. The moment I hopped into the ball, I was certainly discouraged about rolling fast down a bumpy hill. Once our guide pushed us down, I felt I wasn’t going to make it. The ball went round and round and I kept on feeling unable to continue. The ball went SO fast. I kept on forgetting was I on the top of it or not. It was funny. I felt terrible inside it going down the hill but once I got out of it and sitting on the bench I felt I had had the best time of the day right there. And the fun wasn’t over yet. It was cool to see people go down the hill and see if they were laughing or screaming (like me). Once all the pairs had a go in the ball we headed to the bus to get ready to head back to the school. I didn’t really talk to anyone on the way home. We were so lucky, we got back to the school before the other bus! My mom was waiting for me by the school gates and I went home with her because I could do with some relaxation for a little while after that day. Altogether, my school tour was a big hit and a highlight of Scoil Inse Rátha 2013.

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  1. Sinead Dineen May 30, 2013 at 10:43 pm

    Thanks Aaron, It was great to read your post as it gave me a good picture of what the day was like for ye. It sounded like ye had great fun. Some of ye look really high up on some of the activities. I think I would have been a bit too scared to go so high. What an exciting school tour.

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