Houses and Homes

As we all know children love to play. Play in the infant classroom gives the child the opportunity to explore language, develop friendships, practice skills, solve problems…. there is no limit to the benefits of play.

This month the theme for playtime is Houses and Homes. There are five stations

  1. The children are exploring making houses using 2-D and 3-D shapes.
  2. At another station the children are making Bob the Builder puzzles and connecting words like television, armchair to the living room.
  3. The children are creating houses using cardboard, paper, glue, scissors and sellotape. We call this the Art Station
  4. The children are using tools, hi-visibility jackets, nuts and bolts. They are pretending to be on a building site.
  5. The children have a floor road map with buildings and trucks, traffic cones, all heavy machinery associated with building sites

The children have also investigated the types of houses people around the world live in.