Engineers Week 2017

For Engineers Week 2017, 4th class were very busy using recycled materials to construct different variations of boats, rockets, bridges and flying machines.

We showed off our projects to the whole school, tested our boats to see if they would float and we even got to launch a rocket!!!

We had a lot of fun creating these projects and are very proud with what we came up with! A big thank you to the parents for their help with this!!

Take a look at our projects below…

dscf4188-002 dscf4187-002 img_4264 img_4262 img_4261 img_4255 img_4256 img_4257 img_4258 img_4259 img_4254 img_4250 img_4249 img_4247 img_4245 img_4244 img_4243 img_4241 img_4238 img_4237 dscf4219 dscf4218 dscf4217 dscf4216 dscf4215 dscf4207 dscf4208 dscf4209 dscf4212 dscf4214 dscf4206 dscf4205 dscf4204 dscf4203 dscf4202-002 dscf4197-002 dscf4198-002 dscf4199-002 dscf4200-002 dscf4201-002 dscf4196-002 dscf4194-002 dscf4193-002 dscf4192-002 dscf4191-002 dscf4190-002 dscf4186-001 dscf4182-001